Meet Teje

I was born & raised in Montreal, Canada where I completed my undergraduate degree in Business. After college I decided to find warmer weather and moved to sunny California. It took me a few years to stop saying “A”, but I have the hang of it now.

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, I worked in the corporate world. I enjoyed my career in the financial printing industry, but I was ready to make a change.  I quit my corporate career (that wasn’t as simple as I make it sound)  and attended graduate school at Pepperdine University to complete a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology.  Following a three year internship and board exams, I became a licensed marriage and family therapist and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.

It’s quite magical when you finally do work that aligns itself with your natural talents and passionate interests. It seems my curiosity and enthusiasm for working together with my clients toward their preferred life continually grows.



I strive to enter every therapeutic conversation with purpose and sensitivity.  I listen and inquire with curious persistence, so clients leave our conversations relating differently to their problems. My clients and I often laugh during our sessions, even with the most tenacious of problems. The counseling approach I practice is known as Narrative Therapy. I've witnessed first hand it’s effectiveness with my clients who report fast results and lasting change. I am also quite keen on anything “different” and Narrative Therapy is rather unusual. I do appreciate all therapeutic modalities and believe it’s important to match the method and therapist to best suit the client.

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During my time not spent with clients, I enjoy the study of Music and a deep connection to all things outdoors. For over a decade, I was dedicated to endurance sports. I spent many years training and competing in triathlon and marathon events. I believe fitness and nutrition are important aspects of mental wellness. I read extensively about nutrition and physical conditioning. For my own interests, I completed a certification in personal training.

In Midlife, it appears my vigor for endurance sports has waned. In its place, I find leisure much more appealing and I am practicing the art of slowing down. Really? I don’t know, that sounded good. I consider myself to be a free spirited adventurer in pursuit of unique ways of living a rich life aligned with my values & beliefs.