Let's Talk About Your Relationship

When our important & special relationships are compromised, it can feel all consuming, hopeless and difficult to focus on the other areas of our lives that demand our attention. We may feel overwhelmed and confused on how to “repair” our cherished relationship. What we do know, is how much we long to reconnect to our partners or spouses. We may hope for the love and respect we once had and wonder how we got so off track. How can we reconnect when life challenges, pressures, and/or traumas have pulled us so far apart?

Conversations become messy in a hurry when confusing emotions, tensions and pressures build. There are many factors that influence our ability to know and act on what we really want. It may not be an issue of being able to properly express your desires/wants so much as knowing what you want and need, and why.

Together, through the course of conversation, we discover the influences that create roadblocks to the kind of connection and intimacy couples are longing for in their relationship. In doing so, couples come to understand how to make their relationship more satisfying and meaningful.

I specialize in providing marriage counseling, pre-marital counseling, and couples counseling for LGBT and heterosexual partnerships.