Relationship Therapist for Individuals & Couples

Are you looking to heal or improve a relationship? Or perhaps it's time to move on & you need a support system in place. I provide conversational support & guidance to both individuals and couples, residing in the state of California, who are looking for help with any number of personal or romantic relationships.

Let me introduce myself, Teje Aliberti, licensed marriage and family therapist.

Working with Teje, I always felt like she truly believed in me. Like she saw the best possible outcome for my relationship and was willing to help me do what it takes to achieve the life I always wanted.
— Anonymous Client for 2 years
Online Therapy helped me finally pull the trigger on getting the advice I truly needed. Teje was so fast to get back to me and in a matter of a few days I was already taking steps toward a better future.
— Anonymous Client for 1 year


Having trouble locating a therapist in your area? The good news is that it's the 21st century... you are no longer limited to the yellow pages. Help is just a Skype session away.

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Do you prefer an in-person session? I have two locations in Southern California where we can get some quality face to face time.

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