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In your preferred setting, you can schedule a counseling conversation on skype and experience a live video session allowing us to see and hear each other as if we were in the same room. 

Possible advantages and disadvantages to video counseling. 


  • it is the closest experience to an in-person or office visit
  • saves time and avoids the drive
  • helpful to  busy couples where one or both partners travel frequently
  • helpful tocouples who struggle with finding child care to attend sessions
  • provides access to clients who may be experiencing issues that make leaving home difficult (postpartum, depression, physical illness, elder care, agoraphobia's or other anxiety related issues)


  •  for some, it may feel less personal than direct contact and  the therapist-client relationship make take more time to grow
  • video quality or background noise may cause interference if you have a slow internet connection.
  • possible interruptions (other family members, phones calls) or other distractions clients may experience being in their own setting

Many Clients who have tried online counseling report they find it just as effective and appreciate the convenience and privacy it offers.   

3        easy steps to start Skype Counseling

  1. Schedule a session via text or phone to Teje’s personal cell phone 310-995-9772 – provide your best day & time and she will reply with the closest available session
  2. If you don’t already have it,  Download the Skype App to your phone or computer
  3. Prior to our first scheduled conversation, complete the invoice which can be emailed to you or arrange to pay by check.