Over the years, I’ve consistently seeked out counseling/therapy throughout most of my late 20s and in to my 30s. Most of the counseling experiences have been good and somewhat beneficial, but a part of me felt like I was being judged or labeled, so I eventually stopped going back... You’ve heard all my struggles and challenges; you’ve seen my darkest moments and pulled me out of it, and you’ve witnessed all my accomplishments and growth. Throughout the process, you made me feel like you are truly listening because you hardly ever lose track of the details in my stories... But the absolute most important thing I’ve gained throughout this entire process so far is my confidence! All the times you spent trying to understand and ultimately validating my thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions, inactions, feelings and decisions have given me the confidence I have been searching for my entire life.
— Anonymous Client for 1 year
I always knew that even the healthiest person could benefit from therapy, but I seemed to put it off. Self-help books and audio series taught me many of the basic principals of mental health, but nothing prepared me for the crazy things that life threw my way. Teje has always been there for me when I needed someone. Always. By text, by phone, by Skype & in-person, I, to this day, always have someone I can call on to help me navigate through life when the going gets tough.
— Anonymous Client for 2 years